Devil Succubus Type Valona


Front Line


Devil Succubus


Light Armor Wave 1


Knuckle Armament, Long Sword, Pistol

Poor With:

Machine Gun, Launcher, Thrown Weaponry

Front Line's design philosophy revolves around relatively versatile, offense oriented Shinki with an emphasis on mobility and/or firepower. Continuing this lineage of design is the Valona model, designed for high speeed close combat and blade dueling. With high speed, high maneuverability and a good handle on pistol combat, Valona is a good catch for all things combat.

Furthermore, Valona takes a few design principles from the Strarf series, evident both in her pistol proficiency and in aesthetic design. With more emphasis on speed than the Strarf, she's effectively a mashup of Strarf's close combat ability with Arnval's speed. However, as she's so lightly armored, every hit is potentially a game breaker for her, a fact that is helped by her sensor jammers and extreme maneuverability.

Valona has no Flight Capability with her stock equipment.

Outside of combat, Valona models appear to be good performers.

Battle Class: High Mobility
Body: [Devil Succubus Type] FL015
Head: FLO15 Sensor Blade
Leg: FLO15 Battle Shoes
Rear Units
Wings: Kanbēri Armed Wing
Rear Unit: WA6 Rear Unit + Kanbēri Armed Wing
Jammer: FLO15 Ekstaz Jamming Unit
Tail: FLO15 Twin Tails
2h.Wep: FLO15 Battle Staff
H.Wep: Valona Armed Tail
Acc1: FLO15 Leg Motor

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