High Speed Trike Type Ach




High Speed Trike Type




Rifle, Machine Gun, Launcher

Poor With:

Thrown Weaponry

Ohmestrada had designed the seventh generation Shinki Ach (Pronounced Ah-ku) and Yda with emphasis on extreme speed and extreme mobility, respectively. As her type would imply, Ach is extremely fast and can chase down, seek and destroy most ground based Shinki with ease. She has a slightly lower defense and weight than her sister Shinki, and is not as graceful, but her undeniable speed on the ground makes up for this. Also shared with her sister is a lacking of raw attack power.

Both Ach and Yda's rear equipments can transform into a Tricycle with a forward mounted heavy weapon.

Ach has no Flight Capability with her stock Equipment. Though if she jumped off a ramp at full speed, she may as well be flying.

Battle Class: High Mobility
Body: [HST Type]OSA111
Core Unit: [HST:ACH]
Head: Solid Cowl
Chest: OSA111 Chest Canard
Arm: OSA111 Arm Spoiler
Leg: OSA111 Shin Diffuser
Rear Units
Rear Unit: OSA111 Rear Chassis
Riding Gear: Motor Unit "Banchō-mk3"
Main.Wep: OS-35 Assault Rifle
Backup: Double Arm Folding Knife
H.Wep: OS-X31 "Silverstone"
Acc1: Hair Part: Extention [Ach]
Acc2: Jelly Can [Oil]
Acc3: Jelly Can [Nitro]
Acc4: Jelly Can [Coolant]

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