Knight Type Xiphos


The Sixth Factory






Sword, Spear, Axe

Poor With:

Pistol, Machine Gun, Objects

An ambitious project by The Sixth Factory created the two Shinki known as Benio and Xiphos. Using a Heavily armored body and a series of now ancient styled Western weaponry, Xiphos is an oddity to see on the battlefield, but an incredibly effective combatant beyond what one would see as an archaic style. With variable armor, she can switch between Cavalier (Knight) and Soldat (Soldier) armors at a whim, gaining either speed+defense or strength+defense in the process.

Xiphos has no Flight Capabilities in her Stock Equipment.

Battle Class: Heavy
Body: [Knight Type]T6FK45
Core Unit: [KNI:XIPHOS]
Head 1: Cavalier Armure: Head
Head 2: Barrette Du Espoir
Alt.Head: Cavalier Armure: Head and Visor
Chest: Cavalier Armure: Chest
Alt.Chest: Soldat Armure: Chest
Waist: Cavalier Armure: Waist
Alt.Waist: Soldat Armure: Waist
Shoulders: Cavalier Armure: Shoulders
Alt.Shoulders: Soldat Armure: Shoulders
Arms: Cavalier Armure: Arms
Alt.Arms: Soldat Armure: Arms
Thighs: Cheval Bottes: Thighs
Shins: Cheval Bottes: Shins
Rear Units
Rear Unit: NONE
Wep: Sword "Corne"
Wep: Crossbow "Bec"
Wep: Lance "Défense "
Wep: Axe "Criniére"
Acc1: Scabbard [Corne]
Acc2: Hair Part: Long Hair [XIPHOS]
Acc3: ブークリエアスィエ(?)
Acc4: ブークリエアスィエ(?)


  • This Editor has no clue for the life of her what a ブークリエアスィエ (Buukuriasie) is supposed to be, and it is likely some French word for a Chakram. Komamisa (talk) 07:21, October 17, 2012 (UTC)

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