Ninja Type Fubuki


Group K2 + Front Line






Sword, Thrown Weapons, Bombs

Poor With:

Great Sword, Pistol, Rifle, Launcher, Machine Gun (Extremely Poor)

A collaboration between Group K2 and Front Line, Fubuki is a specialized stealth type mobile ground and air based combatant with a few bird-like features and an emphasis on high speed mobility and incisive attacks. Her Avian like appearance is deceptive in that she is primarily a land based combatant that can be equipped with in-line skates and hover units to help facilitate ground mobility. She uses ninja like short swords, shurikens, Kunai and other similar weapons to accomplish her goals. Many of these weapons can be attached to each other to facilitate easier carrying. Advanced sensory equipment helps Fubuki in making the best of her speed and agility.

Battle Class: High Mobility
Body: [NJA Type]GK06N1
Core Unit: [NJA:FUBUKI]
Head: Omokakushi "Yami Kitsune"
Chest: Shinobi Shōzoku "Shion"
Arm 1: Shinobi Daisode "Shimokuren"
Arm 2: Shinobi Kote "Murasaki Shikibu"
Thigh Shinobi Kusazuri "Shiran"
Leg: Shinobi Kyahan "Murasaki Ōtori"
Rear Units
Rear Unit: NONE
L or R.Wep: Shinobi Yaiba Kama "San-ume"
L or R.Wep: Ninja Katana "Kazahana"
Thrown: Ō Shuriken "Shiro Tsumekusa"
Thrown: Hi Kunai "Rengesō"
Scarf: Shinobi Erinuno "Kagerō"

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