Panzer Type Murmeltier


Front Line






Knuckle, Pistol (Acc), Launcher (Acc), Objects (Acc)

Poor With:

Blunt Weapons (Knuckles Exception)

Designed by Front Line alongside Fighter Type Asuka, Murmeltier is the name in Ground Supremacy where Asuka is the name in Air Supremacy. With weaponry and armor built for combat at all ranges, she is an absolute force to be reckoned with no matter where in the battlefield her opponents are. Armed with a heavy piledriver and a destructive battle cannon, paired with her deadly accuracy, and plated from head to toe in powerful armor, she lives up to her type name of "Panzer" (Tank).

Similar to Cannon Type Fort Bragg and Firearms Type Zelnogrard, she is quite popular with military enthusiasts. Furthermore, her German themed armor gives off a sense of dependability and reliability, contrasted or complimented by her cute features beneath all the metal.

Murmeltier has no Flight Capability with her stock equipment. It hardly matters as her weaponry can reach almost as far as Arnval's Laser Rifle.

Battle Class: Heavy
Body: [PNZ Type]FL802
Head: Armeekäppi
Chest: brAM_FL802 Breast Guard
Arm: wrAM_FL802 Wrist Guards
Waist exAM04 Waist Guard
Thigh: thAM_FL802 Thigh Armor
Leg: leAM_FL802 Leg Armor
Rear Units
Armlets: PT "Wetterhahn" + GA9 "Windstoß"
Support: GA8 "Windstille" Leg Part
R.U.Acc.: exAMD1 Composite Armor Plating
R.U.Acc.: exAMD2 Bullet Proof Armor Plating
R.Arm: Meltra M7 Rapid Fire Pistol
H.Arm: InterMeral Ultrahard Tungsten Steel Core
H.Wep: InterMeral 3.5mm Main Gun
Acc1: Augenbinde
Hip: exAM03 Mount Type Holster

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